About Hiilo

2020 saw the world adopt the home office environment in an unprecedented way which led to a huge boom in the standing desks industry.

With opportunists looking to cash in on the trend, the market was flooded with sit stand desks that all essentially look the same, but vary greatly in terms of build quality & reliability; this is precisely why we’ve tested over 60 different standing desks from top manufacturers across the globe – to offer our customers the cream of the crop across all product categories, both electrical and manual crank desks.

But why do we do what we do?

Here at Hiilo, we value customer satisfaction above all else, and besides the lack of clarity regarding standing desks, we noticed this particular segment of the market was greatly under-serviced.

Online shoppers have expressed their frustration with leading standing desks resellers due to the lack of customer support, technical assistance and poor-quality products.

Our ethos at Hiilo is based on transparency, reliability & support, which means everything you see on Hiilo is immediately available or in stock, unless otherwise specifically stated, and ships out within 1 business day.

We also understand the trouble of making large purchases online without having technical support, which is why we have a hotline open 9 am – 5 pm every day open to all customers with inquiries.

We hope you find everything you’re looking for. If you have any questions, give us a call at 1 (888) 854-1457, we’d love to hear from you.